airSMOOTHIES 1 “Ban”

To the 1s who love me & I love back,

I realize how displaced from society’s norms I am, I’m not resisting obscurity at this point. I’ll live between the walls they use to block us. This leg of the journey will reveal more than ever, who’s really my tribe. Instagram banned me and really, I’m glad about it, cuz it reminded me what I already knew, and that’s that it was never mine to begin with. I’ve only been scratching the surface of independence & now I’m going to finish mining MINE for gold&freedom.

This will be our home, this is where we will form bonds that will last a lifetime. I’ll share videos, pics and of course plenty of new music. Without your relentless support & loyalty, however, my effort will mean nothing. So if you’ve made it this far, you’re greater than me for making it all this way on a belief that I can be somebody, from the outside lookin‘ in..

I want to bring you inside,

cuz your belief + mine,

makes the cup overflow.

Coming Soon:

”Campfirestories” [WavePack]


INSTANT MUSES” [Double Single]

“CUTTING AGENTS” [Music Video]


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