I’m not Malcom, I’m not Martin, I’m not NIP, I’m not PAC .. I’m Christopher William Jeffries, (bka dopeSMOOTHIES to some) a black man from Prince George’s County, MD. A black man that’s been bred for these times since I was protesting having to stand for the pledge of allegiance because it said “liberty and justice for all” .. WHEN I WAS IN SECOND GRADE .. I did presentations on Dred Scott case in 6th grade in Chuck County (iykyk) .. the case where chief of justice Roger b Taney said idc if you’re in a “free” state , all black ppl are slaves & never can become citizens cuz we, my black people, aren’t even human beings in this country. Y’all can keep goin for the tricks and the tricksters they give y’all & keep posting the videos and quotes of the mfs they killed, like they want you to so you can feel good but also to keep in the back of your head, they have the power to cut you off like they did the Martin, Malcolm, Nip & Pac.. I know my voice endangers me.. I’ve had the police kidnap, beat me & leave me in freezing cell with no explanation for hours before even being read a Miranda right.. I’ve had private investigators put on me to dig up dirt (that don’t exist other than my voice against oppression), I’ve had ex classmates/teammate turned cops try to get up on me in the form of “rappers” (hip hop police) and no matter what, I’m not afraid cuz I really was put here with a purpose & I’ve always known it. I need y’all to wake up & see what’s real as opposed to what they need you to see to remain their slave. I’m not gonna quote the new billionaire man who makes gospel albums & pornography music .. but think about the choices your making now & then ask yourself was slavery a tough choice from the beginning. They can come in the name of the evil they represent, but if y’all wake up, my efforts, along with so many others who are tryna lead you in the right direction won’t be in vain cuz someone else will just pick up the torch. Please please if you aren’t ready to commit to seeing the police as the gang that they are *sigh* fine.. it’s been drilled in your head that they are our friends our whole life .. so I understand it can be hard to detach from that. But these celebrities never was ya friend, only take money from you, never give it back.. if the industry that makes these celebrities tells you to shut up.. GET LOUDER! They’re telling you this because they’re in bed with the police, in bed with politicians, in bed with judges, in bed with the govt (literally see Jeff Epsteins file) .. we are hurting their bread and butter by exposing these celebrities who are puppets to keep you slaves. If they get too exposed before order is restored the industry cant make millions and billions off of their puppets. Forcing them to succumb to new voices that won’t sell our kids poison and routes to prison.. they ok with their puppets telling you killing our brothers is cool but taking those guns in philly and killing them white supremacist “won’t solve anything”. Wake up please .. first line of my “money in the grave” freestyle was “R.I.P. TO EVERYBODY THATS WOKE” & this is exactly why.. it’s evil forces shutting down the truth to keep you hooked on spoofs. Please erase those black squares.. you’re only taking your knee off their necks.. THEY WOULD NEVER .. in fact they’d have the American military come in and kill American people instead of arresting their own for killing us with knees on our necks. 

— DOPE. 🖤

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