If you're just joinin' us, I'd like to first say, welcome & thanks for being here with us!

I promised everyone that waited patiently last year, that I'd be coming non-stop this year.

& as a result of that promise, I've released 3 new mixtapes, 3 music videos

Let's keep the party goin' 🌊

We're in murky waters rn as far as societies around the world go,

mostly due to a heavy ad budget for fear..

BUT ..

If we focus enough on the RIGHT things, we can ride on top of those waves & give ourselves permission to feel good with an influx of dopeSMOOTHIES 🥤

Pre-Save my new single "ABC Soup" on Spotify to get it first!


If you haven't heard the first trilogy:

"Campfirestories", "SKI-Boat" or "HNL"


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