”Just Hold On, We’re Goin’ .. Camping”

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

This [Wave Pack] *not album/mixtape* is one guest verse from completion —

I’m excited for y’all because I know how much y‘all are gonna love these songs!

In the meantime, I need hugeeee favors from everyone supporting & rockin‘ w/ dopeSMOOTHIES.

Since IG pulled the proverbial plug on my social media presence, YOU, reading this right now has to be the ladder-bridge between the underground & the world above. I’m only one man, but all of us together can move the culture away from the pretentious fabrication of ppl’s everyday lives and shift it towards meaningful encounters & inspiration.

If you love my music, don‘t let them bury us.

This what we gonna do..

First and foremost you must be subscribed to dopeSMOOTHIES.com, you can do so at the bottom of this page — it’s 100% FREE!

Next, I want you all to post the link & a screenshot of this post on the social media platform of YOUR choice: Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook w/ the hashtag #dopeSMOOTHIES🌱somewhere in the caption.

*If you really the shit, you’ll send the link directly to somebody who needs to be hip —

Not a requirement but I got something special for anyone who does.*

After posting on your socials, screenshot & send to ME (wavyblue@dopesmoothies.com) so I can share right here with your social media handle, location & your favorite dopeSMOOTHIES song. We’re gonna do this w/ every post on here until “Campfirestories” drops, and that’s when we‘ll amplify our presence .

My hopes are to build a community of real dopeSMOOTHIES super-fans/supporters that can follow each other on socials, interact, share their favorite dopeSMOOTHIES bars, songs, projects, etc., while giving y’all a home base where you can come for updates, new music, and even contribute your own content.

I really need y’all more than ever right now.. I fully anticipate a slow burn, as it’s been thus far, but if you can stand the rain with me we can do what THEY don’t want us to do & that’s transcend their (social media) algorithms & bring back real underground impact.

Let’s KEEP making history,


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