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It's a little less than 48 hours from the drop of this new EP, "A.B.S." and I think I wanna release it for pre-orderers at midnight tonight just to show some love back. If you haven't downloaded the Bandcamp app and you consider yourself a supporter or fan of mine, you're gonna be out the loop more times than not goin' forward. I feel like I've climbed the streaming mountain as far as independent artists go and I've put my flag down.. it ain't going no where. But now I wanna go back to my roots pre-Waverunner and really really connect with you and I feel like that best can be done on Bandcamp & "A.B.S." will be available on streaming services on 2.11, so you'll be able to listen at your own convenience a week after the original release.. But Bandcamp and will be the true source for all my new content & forthcoming releases.

Thank you again for your support since whenever you made the discovery.

This year we're goin' stronger than ever and I wouldn't have made it this far without YOU.

Donate $20 to get your digital copy tonight at midnight

& PLEASE don't hesitate to spread the good word!



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