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Pre-Order A.B.S. (EP) Today!


I've spent the better part of the last year working on beats, my sound & polishing my vision. Aside from a few tracks in my catalog, I've always been a co-producer on tracks brought to me mostly already assembled. This tape represents the training wheels coming off & me displaying my growth & evolution as an artist. I didn't drop any tapes last year because I wanted to be more self-sufficient & really continue to create my sound from the underground up. Trying new things have always been apart of how I've moved as an artist but it goes w/o saying that the more I search & seek growth the more risks I'm taking as far as support goes. I'm grateful that I don't need me to always be in front of my phone or a camera & I'm allowed to truly be one with my craft. That being said, I will be making myself more available this year; just on my own terms.

Starting here on

& expanding out from there, allow me to continue blazing this trail..

Always be safe.

Thank you <3

(Click on album art to Pre-Order)

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