S.A.Y.H.M. on Friday the 13th 🕊

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

After 4 years of fine tuning, scratching songs, starting over & rebuilding.

“Send All Your Hatemail” is finally ready to travel the world. 🕊

This album represents my rebirth & rededication to my purpose as a man who set out to be a light for the hopeless. This celebration intersects with my 30th earth year & I’ve never been more proud of finishing a project. Everyone who believed in me & spread the word since I made “Waverunner” & released countless records, I can’t properly express my gratitude enough because my gratefulness can’t be quantified in an Instagram post. But Y’ALL made this possible! As far as any resistance I’ve faced, slander I’ve been subjected to & outright hate for what I represent, I’m thankful for all that too. It confirms the impact I’ve made without sucking d*ck, when you go out your way to attempt to suppress my light. The artist & creatives who can see thru the smoke & mirrors they’ve used to create the narratives that they need in order to survive, y’all reassure me when I slip & let it all get to me. It’s too many of y’all to name, but Thank You All. The respect & appreciation of y’all who make greatness from scratch in this jungle, is all I ever wanted when it came to being an artist from the DMV. The “hatekeepers” & “sinfluencers” only mattered once I surpassed the limits of the industry plants & posers they condone for validation. I didn’t need them to have the number 2 song in the world behind Zoe Kravitz (number 1 in Germany), I didn’t need them to perform in LA, Oregon, NY, TX. I didn’t need them to sell my merch internationally. Didn’t need them to be streamed over 7 million times worldwide. And I definitely didn’t need them to make this masterpiece that’s gonna open doors I don’t even know are there at this moment. I’ve been backed by a higher power my entire career, never gave away a piece of that power for upward movement & because of that I’m still here. Still undiscovered. Still able to make a first impression on music lovers & free thinkers who await the arrival of a true artist, not controlled by corporations and not selling a hyper-sexualized & ignorant image of black men. Shout out to C*****o for stamping me the “Coronavirus of the DMV”. I needed that confirmation that I was about to shut all this shit down & your need to be a groupthinker & a closet shit talking little boy playing MLK just put more fuel on this eternal wave. “Sometimes you gotta ax a nigga for the betterment..” All of their egos reduce when my name comes up because they’ll never have genuine love and respect for who THEY ARE, but rather what they can do for other leaches (for now). I’m a bearer of the consciousness of Christ. My mother stamped me that. And it took for me to recognize & embrace the real love I get in the midst of your senseless persecution for me to realize who I am & why I am. Thank you.


Pre-Order S.A.Y.H.M. today on Bandcamp for only $1.


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