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Support "A.B.S." Exclusively on Bandcamp Today!

It's Bandcamp Friday but more importantly it's a DOPE Friday! "A.B.S." is available exclusively on Bandcamp & the folks at are waiving their revenue share to support independent artists all over the world today.

This is my first mixtape release since 2020's "Return to Sender" & it's fully produced & prepared by me. I'm beyond proud of myself because everything I've been able to do with music has been all self-taught. Of course a release like this can't go without the anxiety of the idea "failure", but I tell myself all the time, that failure is just an idea & a bad one at that. So I'm excited to use this release as a catapult for even more Dope releases in the future.

Listen and buy now directly from me by following the link & of course if you like what you hear, don't hesitate to share :)

(A.B.S. is also available for purchase directly on


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