Wanna be down?

Sooo I send my music to blogs and websites ALLL the time. Probably sent thousands of emails, submithub, etc. of the years. Bloggers either feel like I'm not good enough for their say so, not enough clout to blindly follow or straight up not enough respect to respond to at all. So I said to myself, cool, I'll make my own website where I can post whatever I want, duh.

And here we are..

Now that we're in this sort of blog-fusion era of dopeSMOOTHIES.com, I badly need a team of eclectic minds, with a nose for nuance to make contributions to the site, weekly, even daily sometimes. If that's YOU and you'd like to contribute, send an email to [wavyblue@dopesmoothies.com] with why you think you'd be a good addition to the set, along with your favorite movie & album of all-time.

I certainly can't run this site at the rate that I want it running AND make the music, videos, etc. that you all deserve from me. If you're interested contact the email mentioned above.

Just cuz we underground don't mean we can't provide great and the valuable content we wish was more readily available with the puppets up top.


"Campfirestories" – Fall '19

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